For.nstance,.he Liver channel works on the back through the channel of its paired organ, the gallbladder . Eduard Ernst, emeritus professor of complementary medicine at the Peninsula School of Medicine, University of Exeter, welcomed the new guidelines. By stimulating acupuncture points, practitioners aim to clear up blockages and restore the client's health and vitality. Lind K, Allis G, Brinkhaus B, Manheimer E, Vickers A, White A. If you would like to consult an acupuncturist in the Edinburgh area of Scotland, where the author of this site and of the book described below works, click Edinburgh Acupuncturist . For short-term outcomes, acupuncture showed significant superiority over sham for back pain, knee pain, and headache. For example, you will never really be free from back pain in the long ladder if you are working daily on draining your adrenal through coffee or energy drinks, ... 962 Views · View Upvotes · Not for Reproduction Well, acupuncture should provide some relief of the back pain you describe.  All 22 evaluated Chinese-style acupuncture for chronic low back pain, defined as pain that has been ongoing for more than three months. Recommended Related to Back Pain Guidelines from the American Pain Society and American College of Physicians say doctors should consider acupuncture as an alternative therapy for patients with chronic low-back pain that's nott helped by conventional treatment. Just sticking some needles in where it hurts won't necessarily make any difference. Chen for my lower back and sacroiliac pain for about 3 months. By now, I was scared about my future unable to sit more than 20 bins at once, had to give up high paying job in management and depressed about living out the rest of my life this way. Perhaps of lesser frequency: Stomach tendon or 'sinew' channel Spleen tendon or 'sinew' channel So what's left out, you wonder? A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised placebo-controlled trials.” A systematic review of pooled data from meta-analyses. He might suggest you stop living in a damp house. In conjunction with needling, the practitioner may use techniques such as moxibustion, cupping, massage or electro-acupuncture. From a biomedical viewpoint, acupuncture is believed to stimulate the nervous system, influencing the production of the body's communication substances - hormones and neurotransmitters. How research is proving the true healing power of the placebo After examining many studies, including 30 randomised control trials that looked at the use of acupuncture without any other treatment, the authors of the draft guidelines concluded that although acupuncture could appear to be effective, the evidence overall demonstrated that it was no better than a placebo. A: Acupuncture is one of the most time-tested treatments known to mankind.

By the way, these syndromes can produce problems elsewhere too. A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain. I had a disk removed in my back L4-5 as well as a lumbar laminectomy about two years ago. Many patients advocate acupuncture as a very effective treatment for many symptoms. Ann Intern Meg. 2005 19;1428:651-63.

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